Chinese App remover and List of Chinese Apps and Better Alternatives

Chinese App remover and List of Chinese Apps and Better Alternatives

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Remove China App

The anti-china sentiments has taken a new route in India, since we all are frustrated with corona virus and its impact on our normal life, and somewhere we all made China its main culprit. Then to give China a strong reply we all are waiting for any chance to wage war against china, and as this is 2020 the methods of war have changed now, its now the epoch of Digital War, where there will be no blood loss and the attack will be on Chinese tech centric Economy which will indirectly affect China.

So in order to blow the war horn against China there is an App Naming “Remove China App” which is designed by One touch App labs a company situated in Jaipur India is available on Google Playstore. This app claims to remove apps made by Chinese companies from your phone and has a simple user interface. When you download the app, click scan now and it gives you a list of apps on your phone that come from Chinese companies, which includes names like TikTok, ShareIt, PUBG, UC browser and more.

This app doesn’t require any permission from your Phone but One Touch App Labs claims to have more than eight years of experience in mobile, web application design, development and management. However, the Remove China Apps is the only product listed on the company’s website.

  –This is how it works

The company has claimed that the app was developed for educational purposes and that they will not use it for commercial purposes. The company also said that it detects the country of origin of certain applications based on their Market research, and they are also working on the feature of detecting apps that come bundled with the operating system when a user buys a phone.

Remove China App is listed at number One on Google Play’s list of top free apps on the platform. It has gathered over one million downloads on Android in less than two weeks, as it was launched on 17 May.

On Android, Remove China Apps has a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars rating from nearly 2 million reviews, and 5M+ downloads as of 2nd June.

List of alternatives for Chinese apps and Smartphones

Our Mobile phones are full of Chinese apps and sometimes it becomes very necessary to use such apps for some purposes and we find ourselves helpless in front of some Chinese apps. But this helplessness is because we don’t know the better alternatives for such apps so here we are giving a list of CHINESE APPS AND THEIR BETTER ALTERNATIVES, ALSO SOME ALTERNATIVE CHINESE SMARTPHONE BRANDS THAT ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN INDIA

Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands

  • Apple – United States of America
  • Samsung – South Korea
  • Google – United States of America
  • Nokia – Finland
  • Sony – Japan
  • LG – South Korea
  • Asus – Taiwan
  • Htc Taiwan
  • Panasonic – Japan

Chinese Mobile apps and their alternative

  • Helo VS Mitron, Dubsmash
  • SHAREit VS Google files go, Jio switch
  • TikTok VS Triller, Mitron, Dubsmash
  • UCBrowser VS Google Chrome, Firefox
  • Vigo Video VS InShot
  • BeautyPlus VS Picsart
  • Cam Scanner VS Adobe Scan or Google lens.
  • PUBG VS Fortnite
  • Mobile Legends VS Marvel Super War
  • Shein VS limeroad
  • Romwe VS Ajio, Bewakoof
  • AppLock VS Norton Applock
  • Club Factory VS Myntra, Paytm Mall, Amazon, Flipkart
  • U- Dictionary VS Merriam Webster
  • Zoom VS Google meet, Facebook Messenger Chat Room

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